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“Emergency” - journal from “Medical alphabet” line

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Scientific and practical, the quarterly journal, considers questions about emergency, pre-hospital diagnosis, prevention and treatment. Recommended for resuscitation unit, emergency services, disaster medicine, manufacturers and suppliers of equipment for emergency.

Chief editor - EA. Evdokimov.



Editorial Board

Evdokimov E. A. MD, DMSci, professor
Ermolov A. A. MD, DMSci, professor, RAMSci Corr.Mem.
Butrov A. V. MD, DMSci, professor
Aghajanian V. V. MD, DMSci, professor,
Сorr. — mem. of the RANS
Gelfand B. R. MD, DMSci, professor, RASci Corr.Mem.
Gritsan A. I. MD, DMSci, professor
Dreval O. N. MD, DMSci, professor
Kozyrev V. N. MD, DMSci, professor
Kondratyev A. N. MD, DMSci, professor
Protsenko D. N. MD, PhD, assistant professor
Radushkevich V. L. MD, DMSci, professor
Roshal L. M. MD, DMSci, professor
Rudenko M. V. MD, PhD
Sviridov S. V. MD, DMSci, professor
Carenko S. V. MD, DMSci, professor
Shevchenko V. P. MD, DMSci, professor
Schiffman E. M. MD, DMSci, professor




Treatment of pancreatic injury in patients with abdominal trauma

A. S. Ermolov, M. L. Rogal, D. A. Blagovestnov, P. A. Ivanov, G. P. Titova, A. V. Grishin,

S. N. Novosel, K. T. Agakhanova, F. R. Almakaev

Selection of optimal methods of extracorporeal detoxification in patients with severe

acute pancreatitis

O. L. Podkorytova, M. S. Vetsheva, V. I. Vtorenko

Using selective adsorption of endotoxin with polymyxin B in surgical sepsis in cancer


N. D. Ushakova, A. N. Shevchenko, M. V. Chetveriko

Invasive candidiasis in the intensive care unit

N. A. Kaprun, E. A. Evdokimov, N. I. Chaus

International Clinical Practice Guidelines for the Management of Pain, Agitation

and Delirium in Adult Patients in the Intensive Care Unit, 2013

Succinate solutions’ application as a part of complex intensive therapy of diabetic

ketoacidosis in children

K. V. Pshenisnov, Yu.S. Aleksandrovich

Surgical treatment of primary wound infection in children

V. A. Mitish, P. V. Medinsky, R. T. Nalbandian, A. V. Nikonov

Uncomplicated trauma of vertebral bodies in children

N. V. Teleshov, O. O. Saruhanyan

On the issue of post-traumatic epilepsy in children. State of the problem

A. V. Comfort, J. B. Semenova, N. U. Semenova

XII Scientific-practical conference “Safety of the patient in anesthesiology and

resuscitation”. Selected materials. Abstracts

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