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"Epidemiology and hygiene" – journal issued by “Medical alphabet” line


The journal, publishes articles of epidemiology and disinfection in medical institutions, takes up questions of struggle against infectious diseases. Periodicity: 4 times a year.





Medical Alphabet – 2014 - vol. 1 (Epidemiology and hygiene)

Medical Alphabet – 2014 - vol. 2 (Epidemiology and hygiene)



Editorial Board  

Akymkyn V. G. MD, DMSci, professor, RASci Corr. Mem.
Bakhir V. M. MD. Eng. Sc., professor, member of Academy of Medical and Technical Sciences
Beloshitski G. V. MD, PhD
Korolova I. S. MD, DMSci
Maleev V. V. MD, DMSci, professor, RASci Corr. Mem.
Pokrovsky V. I. MD, DMSci, professor, RASci Corr.Mem.
Pokrovsky V. V. MD, DMSci, professor, RASci Corr. Mem.
Selkova E. P. MD, DMSci, professor
Sokolova N. F. MD, DMSci, professor
Tarasenko O. A. MD, DMSci, professor
Fedorova L. S. MD, DMSci, professor
Khrapunova I. A. MD, DMSci
Shandala M. G. MD, DMSci, professor, RASci Corr. Mem.
Shestopalov N. V. MD, DMSci, professor
Shilova M. V. MD, DMSci, professor, member of Academy of Medical and Technical Sciences
Shypulyn G. A. MD, PhD



Medical Alphabet – 2014 - vol. 2 (Epidemiology and hygiene)


The results of the on-site and off-site course of postgraduate education in Research

Institute of Disinfectology

V. G. Akimkin, I. A. Khrapunova

Implementation of a program of epidemiological safety in the provision of medical care,

diagnosis and prevention of infections during medical care in the work of local medical


V. P. Shulyak

Structure, сlinical and epidemiological characteristics of infections associated

with medical care in surgical hospitals

O. A. Orlova, N. P. Ephrеmova, V. G. Akimkin, A. V. Chistova

Using UV radiation to reduce a risk of hospital-acquired infections

A. I. Vasilyev, S. V. Kostyuchenko, V. V. Yakimenko, N. N. Kudryavtsev

Efficiency of irradiator-recirculators ‘DEZAR’ in maintain aseptic conditions

in medical and preventive treatment facility areas with human presence

Criteria for a choice of hand antiseptics

Prof. Dr. Günter Kampf

Decreasing of microbial contamination in hospital environment as a result

of modern cleaning technologies

L. A. Kaftyreva, S. A. Egorova, M. A. Makarova, E. N. Kolosovskaya, V. N. Ushakova

SWEP High-Speed — high level of hygiene by one step

Cleaning in treatment and prevention institution as a business process

V. N. Ushakova, E. N. Kolosovskaya

Epidemic situation on tuberculosis at children and teenagers of Orenburg region

T. A. Parfenova, L. A. Lityaeva, M. B. Ten

The phenomenon of persistence — the forms and mechanisms of survival of populations

G. I. El-Registan, Yu. A. Nikolaev, A. L. Mulyukin, N. G. Loikaw, E. V. Demkina,

A. M. Gaponov, A. V. Tutelian, V. M. Pisarev

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