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"Modern laboratory"- a journal issued by “Medical alphabet” line

Magazine publishes articles about analytical equipment, control and measuring devices and laboratory furniture.


Periodicity: 4 times a year.

Format A4, full color printing,

Volume – 60-90 pages

Circulation – 10 000 copies.


Editorial Board

Vavilova T. V., MD, DMSci, professor
North-Western State Medical University
n. a. I. I. Mechnikov, St. Petersburg

Gilmanov A. V., MD, DMSci, professor,
Bashkir State Medical University, Ufa

Godkov M. A., MD, DMSci, Research Institute
of Emergency Medicine n. a. N. V. Sklifosovsky,

Dolgih T. I., MD, DMSci, professor,
Omsk State Medical Academy, Omsk

Zhukotsky A. V., MD, DMSci,
professor, Russian Medical Academy
of Postgraduate Education, Moscow

Kosirev A. B., PhD, associate professor,
Russian Medical Academy of Postgraduate
Education, Mediolab, Moscow

Padyukov L. N., professor of Karolinska Institute,
Stockholm, Sweden

Pervushin Y. N., PhD, professor, Stavropol State
Medical University, Stavropol

Tarasenko O. A., MD, DMSci Hygiene and
Epidemiology Centre, Moscow

Terekhina N. A., MD, DMSci, professor, Perm State
Medical Academy n. a. acad. E. A. Wagner, Perm

Shipulin G. A., PhD, Central Research Institute of
Epidemiology, Moscow

Scherbo S. N., MD, DMSci, professor,
Russian National Research Medical University
n. a. N. I. Pirogov, Moscow

Emanuel V. L., MD, DMSci, professor,
First State Medical University of St. Peterburg
n. a. I. P. Pavlov, St. Peterburg



Medical Alphabet – 2014 - vol. 2 (Modern Laboratory)


Optimization of processes for preparation of technical specifications for procurement of
reagents and consumables for medical laboratories
O. A. Tarasenko, Yu. F. Shubina
Centralization of bacteriological laboratories: from dreams to reality
I. A. Nizhegorodtseva, L. R. Zakharova
Red blood cell antigen changes in cancer patients
E. A. Imelbaeva, A. Zh. Gilmanov, V. T. Stepanova
Blood fibrinolytic activity at different stages of physiological pregnancy
A. P. Momot, I. A. Taranenko, L. P. Tsyvkina, N. I. Fadeyeva,
G. V. Serdyuk, I. Y. Kudinova, М. V. Medvedeva
Modern laboratory diagnostics of chronic and acute renal dysfunction
Velkov V. V., Reznikova O. I.
Comparison of counting uniform of urine by means of an automatic urine analyzer and
microscopic examination of the sediment
I. A. Volkova, I. V. Shcherbo, A. E. Talan, E. A. Buchneva
Standards for diagnosis of magnesium deficiency in various biosubstrates
O. A. Gromov, I. Yu Torshin, A. Yu Volkov, V. V. Nosikov
Oxygen partial pressure deviation in the vitreous body and arterial blood of rabbits during and
after discontinuation of superoxygenation
L. I. Amkhanitskaya, G. V. Nikolaeva, N. A. Sokolova
Practice makes perfect
O. V. Egorova

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